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We really do want you to read and understand our privacy policy. We use tools to help us make it easier to read. Simplicity and openness are key, but there are some important technical and legal terms!

Who we are.

We are Emailmovers Ltd, and we own The 5mins Business Directory. We are committed to using direct B2B email marketing to boost the UK economy and help businesses grow.

We are registered in the UK as a Limited Company. Please see the Company details section below for more company and contact details.

Why this privacy notice is important.

New data protection laws have come in across Europe. Called the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), they came into force on 25/May/2018 in the UK and EU. GDPR broadens the scope of personal data. Data controllers must to be more transparent about processing.

If your business is listed in our Business Directory,, we must tell you what personal data we hold, why we hold it and what we do with it.

The data that we hold.

The entry in the directory for the company you work for may include your name, telephone and business email address. The GDPR classes your name as personal data. The email address, if it includes your name, is also classed as personal data. The telephone number may be classed as personal data. We would like to show you how you can take more control over this information. The public section of does not share your name or email address.

Why we hold the data.

The GDPR lists six lawful bases for processing data. "Legitimate Interest" for "direct marketing" is the lawful basis we use for the processing we carry out. This is covered in the GDPR. The ICO say companies using this basis should conduct a "Legitimate Interests Assessment" (LIA), and we have done this. The LIA balances your rights and our interests. The ICO consider direct B2B marketing as having a relatively low risk of causing harm, where their guidance is adhered to.

What we do with the data.

We use the data in to carry out direct B2B marketing. We share them with our customers so they may too. The people we share your details with may contact you to explain their own lawful basis for processing your data after they have received it. Some of the companies we share your data with are listed here. More details are given in "The long story" under "Sharing with Data Partners".

  1. Experian Ltd (See also Experian's "Marketing Transparency Notice")
  2. Creditsafe Business Solutions Limited
  3. Jordans Limited

We hold the data secure in storage and during transmission.

Where has the data come from.

Your details will have been obtained from several sources. These include: directly from yourself, Companies House, call centres, third parties, and online resources. Data in the public domain is also collated. We notify you as soon as practicable that we are holding your personal data. You may ask us for the data specific to your records in the form of a Data Subject Access Request.

Your right to object and your right to rectification.

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data that we carry out. The quickest way to do this is to use the unsubscribe link contained in the emails we send you. If you wish, you can email us your objection - please see the details below. You may also tailor your preferences and update your details on your own profile page on This allows you to rectify any errors.

The ICO "For the public" website has helpful information about your rights and how to exercise them.

About us. is used by businesses as a trusted data source to send targeted, relevant B2B messages by post, telephone and email. We are always working with the data to make sure it is correct, current, compliant and limited.

Many businesses are contacted every month through by other businesses with interest in their services. Inclusion in the Directory could allow your business to benefit. Your data enables us to better match the services you offer with businesses that may have interest in them. This works both ways. It also helps us send you targeted marketing relevant to your role in the workplace. We hope you enjoy the benefits of this free service. It could bring increased business and networking chances for your business and yourself. Direct marketing is an important contributor to the UK economy. Post Brexit, its importance is likely to increase. We are committed to supporting it in a lawful, fair and responsible manner.

Changes to this Privacy Notice.

This Privacy Notice is effective from 21st March 2018.

This Privacy Notice will be revised as needed to fully comply with changes in the law. This page will be updated to reflect such changes. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018

The EU GDPR becomes enforceable on 25/May/2018, bringing a number of changes to the law. Like many other businesses, we are in the process of aligning our policies and practices with the new regulations. We are following the guidance issued by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) as and when it becomes available. This means that at times you may notice anomalies and we apologize for that.

Company details.

Trading and Postal Address

Emailmovers Ltd
Suite 4, William Street Business Centre,
7a Lower Clark Street,
Scarborough, North Yorkshire,
YO12 7PP,
Mapcode address:

Registered Address

Emailmovers Ltd
33-35 Exchange Street,
East Yorkshire,
YO25 6LL,
Company Number
ICO Registration Number
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Compliance enquiries
Secure Transfer
Emailmovers MailBigFile Account
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The long story.

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    About us

    1. Emailmovers Ltd (United Kingdom)("we","us") are the owner of The 5mins Business Directory website and own all rights, including the sites' respective intelectual property, copyrights and trademarks. We are a limited company, registered with Companies House in England and Wales, with registration number 05046417. We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office in the United Kingdom as a Data Controller and Data Processor under the trading name Emailmovers Ltd, with registration number Z9714386.

    2. This privacy policy applies to the following websites owned and operated by us (collectively to be called "the sites"):

    1. - The 5mins Business Directory

    3. We are committed to protecting the security of the data that hold about you. We are committed to ensuring that your personal data and preferences are handled and maintained in a secure and data-protection compliant environment at all times. All web sites will use security features. Data transfer will use secure, encrypted services.

    4. We are required to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (PECR) and the Electronic EU Regulations 2011. From May/2018 the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 replace the DPA. The new EU ePrivacy regulations, when they becomes law, will replace PECR. If you wish to find out more, please visit the UK Information Commissioner's Office website at

    Purpose of this Privacy Notice

    5. This notice discloses how we process, manage, use and protect the personal data we hold.

    6. We will only use or share your personal information in a manner that is in accordance with this Privacy Notice, and as stated at registration or when you update your profile or change your preferences. A brief privacy statement is prominently displayed at the bottom of the page as part of the registration process on the sites. A link to the current Privacy Notice is included.

    Collection of Your Personal Data

    7. We collect personal data when you register your business, updating your profile or express your preferences. We also collate data from other sources including Companies House, call centres, third parties, online resources and data in the public domain. The data is collected and processed on the lawful basis of "Legitimate Interests" for "direct marketing". This basis is mentioned in the text of the GDPR under Article 6 and Recital 47. Registration is required to benefit from any of the services we offer on the site. Browsing or using the business directory search facility does not require registration. There is a link to the separate Privacy Policy covering such usage in the footer of this page.

    8. We may collect the following information on you:

    1. Your name
    2. Your title
    3. Your job role and function
    4. Your contact email
    5. Your contact phone number
    6. Demographic and classification information about the business
    7. Your business address and postcode
    8. The "IP address" you are connecting from
    9. The "User Agent" reported by the browser you are using
    10. Your preferences to receive further marketing communications from us and our selected partners via various different media

    Use of Your Personal Information

    9. We use your personal information collected via the modes listed in (2) and (7) above, and subject to your expressed preferences, to:

    1. Populate your listing on The 5mins Business Directory
    2. Provide you with information about the products and services we offer
    3. Provide you with a more personalised, targeted service
    4. Conduct market research
    5. Pass on your details to selected companies which provide you with other offers and promotions of interest to you
    6. Help other companies segment and extend their databases
    7. Facilitate communication between yourself and others
    8. For analysis purposes or to build data products. In these instances, the information is aggregated and anonymised wherever possible in line with the Information Commissioner's code of practice. These products are of a marketing nature.
    9. Select you for any of the above marketing using the geographic, demographic and classification data you provide, along with analysis of your interaction with emails we may send to you, including opening the emails and clicking on links within them. (Note: The ICO do not regard this as profiling.)

    10. We may process your personal data ourselves or through data processors that will process data on our behalf (in which case we will remain responsible for ensuring the data processor complies with this policy and all current data protection regulations).

    11. Depending on the preferences that you set up at the time of registration or subsequently amend, and what personal data we hold about you, we may pass your personal information to Site Sponsors, Brand Partners or Data Partners (collectively "third parties") who may contact you by post, email or telephone for direct marketing purposes.

    12. Personal data will only be released to third parties on the lawful basis of legitimate interests for direct marketing in accordance with your preferences recorded in

    13. You can change or update your communication preferences at any time by clicking on the link provided in the profile registration confirmation email, profile update confirmation email or invitation to edit your profile email (aka "Profile Link") you will have received previously from us. If you do not have this, you can email us at [email protected], quoting the email address that you registered under. (See other contact details above.)

    14. Telephone data will only be released to carefully selected partners where it has been cleared against the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) and Telephone Preference Service (TPS) lists (see section 45 below). Note: if you request a call from one of our sponsors or brand partners this will override your CTPS / TPS entry.

    Profile Matching

    15. Our business is to match your profile to third party companies that have goods or services that may be of interest to you. It makes sense for us to ensure that you only receive offers that are relevant to you and fit within the context of your business activities and/or Job Role / Function. For example, if you have provided your Job Role / Function and your preferences indicate you are happy for third parties to contact you, we will work with third party brand partners to send you business services tailored to your needs – thus saving you time researching the entire market.

    We record Job Roles under the following headings:

    1. Academia
    2. Clergy
    3. Facilities Management
    4. Financial Management
    5. Fleet Management
    6. General Management
    7. Health And Safety
    8. HR
    9. IT
    10. Marketing
    11. Medical / Scientific
    12. Military Officer
    13. Office Management
    14. Operations Management
    15. Project Management
    16. Purchasing
    17. Sales
    18. Senior Decision Maker
    19. Telecoms

    16. The data that we provide to our third parties may be added to the information that they already hold about you. For example, a car leasing company will check whether you have been a customer of theirs before. This is to ensure that they provide the right types of products and services to you.

    17. When first contacting you, they always will notify you of the lawful basis under which they are processing your data. They will also provide a clear and transparent privacy notice, and provide a means for you to object to such processing.

    18. Data sharing in this way allows them to contact you in their own name about their products, services, promotions and offers, and/or to update their records for fraud prevention, debt tracing and anti-money-laundering purposes.

    19. We share your data with several Brand Partners.

    20. Our Brand Partners, both sponsors of the site and particular surveys, may wish to contact you based on your profile, but will only do so subject to your preferences. They operate within the following industry sectors (click on a sector for more details) :

    • Agriculture, forestry and fishing
      • Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
      • Forestry and logging
      • Fishing and aquaculture
    • Mining and quarrying
      • Mining of coal and lignite
      • Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas
      • Mining of metal ores
      • Other mining and quarrying
      • Mining support service activities
    • Manufacturing
      • Manufacture of food products
      • Manufacture of beverages
      • Manufacture of tobacco products
      • Manufacture of textiles
      • Manufacture of wearing apparel
      • Manufacture of leather and related products
      • Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials
      • Manufacture of paper and paper products
      • Printing and reproduction of recorded media
      • Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
      • Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
      • Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations
      • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
      • Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
      • Manufacture of basic metals
      • Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
      • Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products
      • Manufacture of electrical equipment
      • Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
      • Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
      • Manufacture of other transport equipment
      • Manufacture of furniture
      • Other manufacturing
      • Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
    • Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
      • Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
    • Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
      • Water collection, treatment and supply
      • Sewerage
      • Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities; materials recovery
      • Remediation activities and other waste management services.
    • Construction
      • Construction of buildings
      • Civil engineering
      • Specialised construction activities
    • Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
      • Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
      • Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
      • Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    • Transportation and Storage
      • Land transport and transport via pipelines
      • Water transport
      • Air transport
      • Warehousing and support activities for transportation
      • Postal and courier activities
    • Accommodation and Food Service Activities
      • Accommodation
      • Food and beverage service activities
    • Information and Communications
      • Publishing activities
      • Motion picture, video and television programme production, sound recording and music publishing activities
      • Programming and broadcasting activities
      • Telecommunications
      • Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
      • Information service activities
    • Financial and Insurance Activities
      • Financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding
      • Insurance, reinsurance and pension funding, except compulsory social security
      • Activities auxiliary to financial services and insurance activities
    • Real Estate Activities
      • Real estate activities
    • Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities
      • Legal and accounting activities
      • Activities of head offices; management consultancy activities
      • Architectural and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis
      • Scientific research and development
      • Advertising and market research
      • Other professional, scientific and technical activities
      • Veterinary activities
    • Administrative and Support Service Activities
      • Rental and leasing activities
      • Employment activities
      • Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities
      • Security and investigation activities
      • Services to buildings and landscape activities
      • Office administrative, office support and other business support activities
    • Public Administration and Defence; Compulsory Social Security
      • Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
    • Education
      • Education
    • Human Health and Social Work Activities
      • Human health activities
      • Residential care activities
      • Social work activities without accommodation
    • Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
      • Creative, arts and entertainment activities
      • Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities
      • Gambling and betting activities
      • Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities
    • Other Service Activities
      • Activities of membership organisations
      • Repair of computers and personal and household goods
      • Other personal service activities
    • Activities of Households as Employers; Undifferentianted Goods and Services Producing Activities of Households for Own Use
      • Activities of households as employers of domestic personnel
      • Undifferentiated goods- and services-producing activities of private households for own use
    • Activities of Extraterritorial Organisations and Bodies
      • Activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodies

    You are in Control

    21. You may choose to restrict the collection or use of your personal information in the following ways:

    1. whenever you are asked to update your profile through an email communication and form on our website, look for the options that you can express your preferences for direct marketing purposes;
    2. if you have previously agreed to us or others using your personal information for direct marketing purposes, you may change your mind at any time by emailing our Data Protection Office at [email protected] quoting the email address that you are registered under.

    Sharing with Data Partners

    22. Your 'Registration Details' will be shared, by way of either single-use or multiple-use data licences, with selected Data Partners who may then contact you by email, telephone or post depending on the preferences that you supplied us at the time of registration or subsequently. They may also re-license by way of either single-use or multiple-use data licenses with other third-parties under their own branding. Data Partners include but are not limited to:

    23. We usually only permit Data Partners to use these details to contact you for a pre-specified limited period. They, like us, are obliged to comply with all relevant data protection requirements regarding their holding and use of these details including screening (according to the method used to contact you) against the CTPS, TPS, Fax Preference Service (FPS) and Mailing Preference Service (MPS) prior to use. Your IP address (see 'Cookies' section 49-52 for more details) will not be shared with our Data Partners.

    24. Participating Data Partners may also use your personal information for the purposes of fraud prevention, e.g. anti-money-laundering and debt tracing according to their privacy policies.

    Branded Surveys on the Site

    25. If you take part in a branded Survey on the site, then we will, in addition to the Registration Details referred to above, provide the Survey Sponsor (who will be clearly indicated) with your personal information as follows ('Survey Details'):

    26. IP address (the unique numbers that identify the computer you are using to participate in the Survey).

    27. Your responses to the Survey and date of response and any other information specific to the Survey that you are asked to provide.

    28. Cookies captured from your use of the Site generally and in completing the Survey.

    29. The Survey Sponsor will use your responses and the Registration Details to identify what future offers, and information about their products and services you may be interested in, and to contact you by the methods referred to above. We do not place a specific timeframe on their use of the Registration and Survey Details.

    30. Please note as part of the registration process, and completing the relevant preference boxes, you are agreeing to be contacted by the companies running the Branded Surveys by the methods referred to above, including by telephone. This will take preference over any registration that you may have with the CTPS and / or the TPS of the number you have provided to us or updated with us. It is always your choice as to whether you want to receive such calls, so if you are registered with the CTPS and / or the TPS and decide you no longer wish to hear from 5mins, you can leave the 5mins business directory at any time.

    31. If you no longer wish to hear from any of the companies running the Surveys who have received your personal information, you will need to contact each of them directly to request this. This also applies to any other preference service you may have registered with such as the Mailing Preference Service (MPS).

    Competitions, prize draws etc

    We do not currently run competitions or prize draws on the sites, but reserve the right to do so in the future as incentives to register and partake in surveys. They will be clearly marked as either being sponsored by us or a third-party sponsor ('Competition Sponsor'). Your Registration Details, IP address and personal information that you submit when entering the competition will be used to administer the competition and as follows:

    32. If you entered a prize draw which is sponsored by us, this personal information may be shared with our Data Partners.

    33. Some prize draws could have additional provisions for how your personal information is used. Please ensure you read the particular terms and conditions for each prize draw before taking part in those prize draw.

    Opting In / Opting Out

    34. The new data protection regulations stipulate that you should be in control of the use of your data. We have long believed in this, and developed our profile registration and update centre way back in 2008. This is why at all stages we offer you the option of Opting In or Out of receiving marketing communications from ourselves and our various partners.

    35. At profile registration / update stage we are migrating from a single tick box covering all usage to a matrix giving you control over channel (email, postal, telephone) and system (5mins Business Directory, 1st Party Marketing (Emailmovers Ltd), Third Party Marketing). At any time you may opt out of everything, or visit your preference page to change your preferences.

    36. By selecting "Yes" in any preference box, you acknowledge that you have read this Site Subscriber Privacy Policy. You agree to receive information by post, telephone, email, and through social media platforms from [Site] and third parties in the sectors in accordance with the [Site] Privacy Policy and Data Categories List in accordance with your expressed preferences. Your personal data may be made available for anti-fraud and tracing purposes.

    37. Every time you visit the website, use the service or provide us with information, you are accepting the policies, terms and conditions and practices described in the Privacy Policy at that time.

    38. You may change your preferences at any time via the "Profile Link", or via email to [email protected] or [email protected] once you are registered.

    39. Third-party providers are able to send you communications via email, post, SMS or telephone only until such time as you exercise your right to opt out of receiving such communications. However please be aware that marketing campaigns are often planned well in advance. Your changes will be accepted immediately, but may not be effective immediately.

    40. In addition, Website Sponsors have their own privacy policies and some have their own opt-in statements. It is strongly recommended that you read and understand this information.

    Opting Out – Additional Information

    41. You can unsubscribe or opt out from any communications from our scheme or any third-party brand at any time as indicated above, but you may also wish to consider the following for a more general Opt-Out.

    • Opting Out – Postal Contact
      You can register your wish to not receive unsolicited postal marketing from anyone by adding your details to the Mail Preference Service (MPS). For more details please go to
    • Opting Out – E-mail or SMS (text message) Contact
      You can unsubscribe from receiving e-mail or SMS marketing communications from any individual third-party by using the instructions in any email communication such third-party sends you (usually an 'unsubscribe' or 'STOP' link).
    • Opting Out – Telephone calls to a personal number
      To register your wish to not receive unsolicited live or automated sales or marketing calls from anyone, you can add your number to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) which is maintained at This service is for personal numbers. If you have registered a residential number or a number belonging to a sole trader or (except in Scotland) partnership, you do not need to renew.
    • Opting Out – Telephone calls to a corporate number
      To register your wish to not receive unsolicited live or automated sales or marketing calls from anyone to a corporate subscriber number, please visit the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) at You need to renew your registration on the CTPS annually.
    • s Opting Out – Social Media
      You can configure your advertising preferences on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube by accessing your settings or preference options on the relevant social media platform.

    Data Safety Outside the European Union

    42. You should be aware that some external data processors may be based outside the European Union, whose laws provide a different standard of protection than that provided under English law. We will not release your data to a non-EU country processor without performing proper due diligence as to the standards of data protection within the specified country and proof of compliance with the standards of UK Data Protection Law and other relevant legislation. Such requirements will be part of a formal and legally binding Data Processing agreement.

    The increased accountability demanded by the new EU General Data Protection Regulations is dictating that such agreements are being re-visited to ensure compliance.

    Security and Storage of Your Personal Information

    43. We store all data collected in a secure data centre in an encrypted environment and only for as long as is necessary. However, despite our best efforts the Internet is not 100% secure and we cannot guarantee the security of any information you send to us via the Internet. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage you or others may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of such information.

    The UK data and privacy regulations give you certain rights in relation to your personal data. Under chapter 3 of the GDPR, you have the following rights. Not all rights apply to all lawful bases for processing.

    1. The right to be informed that your personal data is being processed, by whom and on what basis.
    2. The right of access to the personal data held (eg Subject Access Request).
    3. The right to rectification of inaccurate personal data.
    4. The right to erasure of personal data.
    5. The right to restrict processing of personal data.
    6. The right to data portability.
    7. The right to object to processing of personal data.
    8. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling based on personal data.

    Please note: For legal reasons, if you have opted-out of our services, we need to indefinitely retain enough of your personal information to ensure that this is respected. This is provided for in the regulations.

    44. If you would like to amend or delete details or contact us in relation to the above, please contact us using the information above.

    IP Address / Cookies

    45. We automatically record your IP address and the web page you visited if you are using the service's website. This helps with fraud prevention.

    46. Cookies are used to increase your security, not infringe on your privacy. Cookies are needed to monitor, facilitate, administer and optimise the website and service for users and to earmark any possible technical issues that may arise within the website or the service. We may use your IP address to help identify you, tend to any difficulties and to gather demographic and profile information. We also use the 'cookies' to collect information about your online activity on our website, such as the web pages you visit, the links you click, and the searches you conduct on our website.

    47. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can modify your web browser setting to decline cookies. If you choose to do this, you may not be able to avail yourself of some or all of the functionalities that the website or the service may offer.

    48. The type of cookies that we use on our sites are:

    Cookie Name Purpose
    Essential site cookies ASP.NET_SessionId These cookies are an essential part of the technology used to run our sites.
    Google Analytics _ga
    These cookies allow our sites to collect information about how visitors use the website. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited. Google has information on their privacy policies here

    Access to your personal information

    49. You may request details of the personal information which we hold about you under the governing data protection legislation. Before 25/May/2018, when GDPR becomes enforceable, we are entitled to charge a small fee for this, but we have never done so and do not intend to start. Under GDPR we are required provide this free. The ICO have some useful advice to guide you in this on their web page "ICO // For the public // Personal information".
    If you would like a copy of the personal information we hold about you please write to us at the address above, including enough information to identify yourself, including the email address you are registered under.

    50. If you believe that any information we are holding on you is incorrect or incomplete, please write to or email us as soon as possible, at address above. We will promptly endeavour to correct any information found to be incorrect.

    51. If you have questions regarding this Site Subscribers Privacy Policy, please contact us at the address above.

    Changes to this Policy

    52. Please see "Changes to this Data Privacy Notice" above.

End of Document